Animation Character Designer/Animator for the last 20 years. Worked at Spumco, Nickelodeon, Paramount, MTV, Cartoon Network, HBO, Disney. Currently designing Gravity Falls.

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  3. lemonheadandlollipup said: Why do you prefer to work on traditional animation paper? What are some of the pros and cons to drawing on different things? What mediums do you prefer? I don’t like working digitally as much because the options are more limiting, but mainly I don’t like it because it’s more difficult to render something dimensionally. I feel like drawings done on the cpu are often flat, so while it’s great for coloring and making things look more polished in less time, it loses the main component of functionality for animation. I also think you have far more control over subtle lines and curves on paper than digital. I’m one of the last dudes working on paper at DTVA (my friend Chris Tsirgiotis does his Wander over Yonder backgrounds on paper), I have to order my own. It’s difficult to explain, I can use a cintiq and enjoy designing on it, I just don’t like losing my individuality rendering something with the same tools everyone else has. I just want to be myself and for the shows I design on to utilize what I do the best they can. The way I feel these days is just a kneejerk reaction to seeing too many thin wispy lines with flat details in pastel anime colors. There’s nothing wrong with drawing that way but I think everyone’s work is starting to blend into the same gobelin/miyazaki/underground comic look, and variety is the spice of life. So I’m searching different areas personally trying to get at what could possibly come next in art. EDIT           plus it’s cool to have physical copies

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  5. grimphantom said: Hi Robert! Was wondering by any chance you do freelance work? Commission? I ask because in the future i want ask a commission from you, of course need to get the money first, i know they won't come cheap :P I almost never do commissions because I’m always busy working and animation deadlines are really tough. I’ve decided though I will take commissions for 1 month after Gravity Falls is done (around February) so I can fulfill everyone’s request. I’ll make a post about it when I’m ready. Thanks for inquiring!

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  9. acmehour1945 said: How do you deal with criticism, especially when people say negative things about the designs you did when you were working on Spongebob? Global criticism is crazy and humans were never meant to deal with that. Though I think chasing global praise is more dangerous because it leads to static art that lacks individualism. If we all take from the same pool of inspiration and use the same photoshop brushes/colors it leads to a large non-unique population that are highly replaceable. Then companies only have one criteria, who costs the least. So how do I deal with people not liking me, I try not to think about it, I go to my desk and draw and just stay confident that my choices will pay off in unexpected ways if I let go of the need to control everything. Easier said than done. Meditation and unplugging help too.

  10. matteso586 said: Do you think Bill survived the explosion Mabel caused? I know all the answers to all the mysteries, but it wouldn’t be fun if I just told you. I take after Bill in that way.